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Nice one

I found that quite good. Here i was thinking you would yeild yet another blam point. I epecially liked the loop at the end, where did u get it from?

saved by the stars

The whole thing was shithouse, except those stars at the end, i liked them, i might try an effect like that some time....

3 was the best...

Probly cos of Prodigy-Breathe as the music....

Oro responds:


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The last guy just rated 0 on a game that has 2 Mil views, a rating of ~4.2 and average rating of ~9 in reviews. What a KnobPouch(C).

Personally I loved it!
Graphics were mediockre at best, but i play in low quality cos my PC is shit, so i barely notice....
Style was a 10, what can i say....
Sound was brilliant! Zero_Bass + ParagonX9 = Success
Violence... Bombing that poor sheep, tsk, tsk...
Interactivty.... It's a fully interactive game. Instant 10...
Humour.... The total lack of a storyline is kinf humouros in itself, so that gives you an 8.

10 Overall. You deserve it.

One question. What was the 1st song, it isn't in the Audio Credits...

My Idea!!

That was my idea (almost, mine is a little different; it involves being your grill person and doing all those jobs and advancing through the ranks) Nonetheless it's my idea* (*yours too obviouslyt, it's not like you stole it and made the game in 4 months [Thats how long anything that the public can see has been around for])

Alright game, But i work at maccas and the store part is mostly wrong, but i shall not nitpick...

Very Good

Very good. Minimal interface: No clutter

Tiny Filesize, but maybe the AI is a tad dumb

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This is taken from Skitzmix 15. The author did not make it, or credit the original artist. And for the dumbass who commented the description says you need to credit original artist, lrn2read - that is for reuse of the song (however is void, as the uploader does not have permission to redistribute the song)


I dunno, I find it kinda repetitive. It's good quality, and sounds good, however you need to mix it up a little more, and add some more variance in the beat.

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RealFaction responds:

lol i kno i know workin on it thanks

Wow, just wow.

This song deserves to go far. It is great, to say the least; in fact it is one of the best songs I have heard on the portal.

Well done.

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